Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A new 999 Challenger

Looks like we got a new 999 Challenger. Mermaid Heather decided to join our little group after hearing about this from Cattleworks. Heather writes a fantastic blog focusing on all kinds of horror reviews. This is properly reflected in her list of 999 Challenges:

"1. 9 Hammer films. Since I have watched all of one film from Hammer, this will give me an excuse to watch more.
2. 9 Universal Classics. Even though I have explored this area some already, I still have plenty of movies to go.
3. 9 remakes. One of the things horror movies are known for are how many remakes get made. I'm sure I can come up with nine remakes I haven't watched yet.
4. 9 haunted houses. Since I love a good ghost story, this will give me a good reason to find more of what I like.
5. 9 werewolf films. An underused genre. It would be fun to explore this one more.
6. 9 Masters Of Horror episodes. I have watched a few, but I keep pushing actual movies in front of these. Time to stop that and watch some more.
7. 9 Linnea Quigley films. I have watched a few already, but I'm sure I can find nine more films she has been in. She was one of the biggest scream queens after all.
8. 9 Mad doctors/scientists. A genre I have barely explored so far.
9. 9 films where a child dies. Did you really think I would leave this one out? Of course I will have to research this one, and some of the others, but there is no way I am leaving this one out. Not an offical sub genre, but one I am working on making!"

This list is so up my alley!!! I am really looking forward to reading more about her 999 journey and of course I am especially interested in hearing what she thinks about the Hammer movies she is choosing.

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Heather Santrous said...

Thanks for posting my list. I haven't gotten around to the Hammer films yet, but I'm sure I will soon. Glad that you like my list! I hope everyone else does as well.