Monday, May 31, 2010

Look what the postman brought

Just received my copy of Bruce Hallenbeck's The Hammer Vampire.

First impression: It's an absolute beauty! Choke full of gorgeous and often rare photos (nicely reproduced in both colour and black and white) this will surely prove to be a reading pleasure. It'll take me a few days to make it through and, once read, you can expect my full review here. In the meantime walk over to the Watching Hammer Blog and see what they have to write about this oeuvre.

Bruce is currently putting the finishing touches to a new book dedicated to the Hammer Fantasy and Sci Fi movies also to be published by Hemlock. If anything I look forward to that one even more as this is an area of Hammer's filmography that has rarely been written about extensively yet.

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Scare Sarah said...

What a cool picture! Sounds great.