Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shane Briant's THE DREAMHEALER now available

You may recall how much I enjoyed Shane Briant's modern horror novel WORST NIGHTMARES when it first came out. You may even recall that Shane was kind enough to provide an exclusive interview for Hammer and Beyond at about the same time. Since then he has become quite active on Facebook and interacts regularly there with his fans and admirers. My kind of star.

When WORST NIGHTMARES first came out he had mentioned that a sequel was already written. It has now been made available as an eBook through Smashwords together with one of his previous novels, HITKIDS, that I have been very curious about ever since I had heard about it following my research for the interview.

In order to purchase either one of these books you will need to register with Smashwords but it's a painfree and quick process. The books are available for just $5.99 and $6.50 respectively which IMHO is pretty good value for money. Once purchased you can download them in whatever electronic format best suits your needs.

I haven't read any of the books yet but am looking forward to catching some free time over the next few days to make some headway. Only question remaining: Which one to start with?

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