Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Hammer book updates: Hammer Locations, Hammer Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Hammer Book Update #1:

Bruce G Hallenbeck's follow-up to his excellent Hammer Vampire will now be out on August 08. Hammer Fantasy & Sci-Fi will focus on Hammer's lesser known oeuvre and analyse their prehistoric pictures, Nigel Kneale's Quatermass saga, Ursula Andress in She, their crazy Space Western Moon Zero Two and much more.

Pre-orders are now taken through Hemlock Books and provided you place your order before July 31 you can avail of some great discounts: RRP for the book is £17.95 but if booked in advance you will get it for just £14.95. Even better: If you hadn't had the pleasure to read The Hammer Vampire yet you can order both books for just £24.95 in total (and even get the Hammer Vampire with a new and improved cover).

So what are you waiting for?

Hammer Book Update #2:

Over the last couple of years Wayne Kinsey in connection with Tomahawk Press have published some essential Hammer related books: Hammer Films - The Unsung Heroes or A Life in Pictures belong onto the book shelf of any die-hard Hammerhead.

When I first heard about Wayne's latest project dedicated to exploring the locations where the Hammer movies were shot I was all over it as this is a product that combines my three main passions in life: Travel, Films and Books. It now looks as if Tomahawk may need to gauge the general interest into Hammer Locations before it goes ahead with it. On his Facebook page Wayne wrote the following note:

Attention Hammer fans.The market has really bottomed out for books in recent months.The locations book may now not be out for Xmas (but if not hopefully early in the new year).To help us with this, anyone who is interested in this book (Hammer Films - on location) please go to the Tomahawk Press website and express your interest in it. This does not mean you need to buy it from them - it just gives them an indication of general interest in a book and they can then forward you updates. This helps judge commercialbility and size of print runs etc ... So far there's been very little interest and this is how projects can get lost.My co-author Gordon Thomson has done an amazing job and has found and photographed virtually every location used from Quatermass Xperiment to The Devil a Daughter (international ones aside) and more .. We'll be comparing screengrabs to how they look today(some unchanged - others beyond recognition) and details of how to find them yourself.This will be THE comprehensive guide to Hammer locations and I'd like it to be a big 300 page picture book, page size same as Unsung Heroes.But those spex also depend on your interest, so please contact Tomahawk Press now!Thanks,Wayne
Tomahawk Press' Facebook page also suggested you email them with the subject header "Hammer Locations" to express interest in that book and be kept updated on its progress.

Needless to say I would urge anyone with even slightest bit of interest into this work, to make sure Tomahawk are aware of  it. We are not talking about Pre-orders here, just general expressions of interest in this work.

So do your civic duty and let them know.


Matthew Coniam said...

Oh my God, this is my dream book!!!
I can't believe there's been virtually no interest!
The only person I can think of who has a good reason to not want it published right this minute is my wife, who knows all too well what we'll be doing every weekend for the next two years if I ever get hold of it...

Holger Haase said...

I also hope this book will make it through. I have yet to make it to Black Park but you are in an excellent position for regular outings throughout the year. ;-)

Shaun Anderson [The Celluloid Highway] said...

I still haven't got around to purchasing Mr. Hallenbeck's volume on Hammer Vampires. I have read it though, and thought it was very good. The volume on Fantasy & Sci-Fi sounds intriguing, and a dedicated book on this subject is most welcome.

Holger Haase said...

Shaun, who has hacked into your account? I thought you had given up on new Hammer books. ;-)

Shaun Anderson [The Celluloid Highway] said...

It must have been Bruce G. Hallenbeck :-)