Monday, October 1, 2007

Little Shoppe of Horrors cover: Correction

A week or so ago I complained that the current edition of Little Shoppe of Horrors had gone the way of computer generated, Photoshop style graphics. Dick Klemensen contacted me about this and wrote:

"I noted in your Hammer blog that you lamented we had gone to a computer generated cover. Well, it isn't. It is all hand done, each piece and layer put in by hand and each character painted in by hand. Nancy and I bought the original and it hangs outside my office. And is gorgeous. Steve K did it like he did his collages for TIME and NEWSWEEK back in the l970s."

Well, that quite took me by surprise and although I would generally still favour the previous style of cover graphics, I *am* now seriously impressed about the expertise with which this collage was created.

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

That is pretty interesting how they actually did it. It's cool that he contacted you about it. Makes me more impressed with it now.