Monday, July 21, 2008

Some notable links

Looks like I don't get around to much these days. Well, nothing much Hammer blog or website related, so let's post a couple of more links of interest to get the ball rolling again.

In What I Owe to Hammer Horror John Potts, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Media, Macquarie University, Sydney, revisists his favourite childhood movies after 35 years to figure out whether they still hold up what they had promised in his memory and contrasts their imagery with teenage life in a small town in New South Wales.

Strictly ink Media have just released a set of new Hammer related Trading Cards. I don't own those yet, but from I have heard they actually are quite nice looking. It is just a pity that they advertise them with some very amateurish looking pictures on their website that from what I understand are not representative of the entire set. If anyone out there has seen the complete set, please let me know.

Say what you want about Beyond the Rave, but from a merchandise perspective New Hammer has made a couple of shweet decisions. Top of the list of every Hammerhead's Xmas wish list this year should be a new Hammer calendar that won't be released until the end of October, though is already available on pre-order.

OK, I admit it: I can't believe I have mentioned Christmas in July!

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