Saturday, July 17, 2010

The future of the Hammer Glamour site

Over the next couple of days (weeks?) I am planning on moving all my old articles from the World of Hammer Glamour site over to this blog before closing the site down for good.

The Hammer Glamour site was my second proper Hammer site. The very first one was in the 90s and primarily featured pics found online and was taken down without further warning and without any reason given (though I have a sneaky suspicion as to who may have been responsible for it and why).

The Hammer and Beyond blog is now in its 4th year and ever since I started it the Hammer Glamour website was lying dormant and I hadn't updated it. Site hosting costs me $5/month which in itself is not too much but multiplied by four years in which I did sweet eff all with it and it becomes a ridiculous amount for nothing.

Also Google in their wisdom never properly placed the website anywhere. Most visitors just found it through a Google Image search as it constantly lingered on page 8 or thereabout of any relevant search term even when I updated the site regularly. Ludicrously enough the moment I had this blog up for barely a month with very little on it, it already featured way more prominently in Google than the much older website.

As such I am going to gradually move all the posts over here where they have a better chance of being found before I then pull the plug on the site. I'll label all the old posts with the "Hammer Glamour site update" terms so you know which are older articles. So if you suddenly see an outburst of new blog posts here: I haven't suddenly become a prolific writer (No fear there!), I am just recycling my own stuff.

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