Saturday, July 31, 2021

Wayne Kinsey: The Hammer Vampire Scrapbook

Hammer Vampire Scrapbook, Wayne Kinsey, Peveril Publishing
 Wayne Kinsey has done it yet again!

Only a few months after publishing The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Scrapbook, his Peveril Publishing House has now released The Hammer Vampire Scrapbook.

Their previous Hammer Dracula Scrapbook focused on the Christopher Lee Dracula movies and is now out of print and goes for crazy money on Ebay (on the rare occasions that it actually surfaces). And needless to say - and to my everlasting chagrin - I didn't grab it when it was still available, just like I also failed to obtain a copy of their Hammer Frankenstein Scrapbook.

Ah well, life is made up of a series of regrets...

His new book now concentrates on The Brides of Dracula, Kiss of the Vampire, Vampire Circus and Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter, leaving room for the Karnstein Trilogy for a later publication.

Don't know what to write without falling into the ever same superlatives with regards to the Peveril Books. I seriously never tire of them and The Hammer Vampire Scrapbook is no exception with 352 pages choke full of often ultra rare and never before published images from contact sheets as well as promotional material, scripts, lobby cards and posters covering everything from promo photos of actors and other crew members, to behind-the-scenes coverage of the shooting, a look at the sets and locations, censor reports etc etc.

My own copy was 516/700 and no doubt this will sell out as fast as most of their other books did. This book can as always exclusively be purchased only on their website.