Monday, January 7, 2008

New Diane Clare biography online

I just posted a new Diane Clare biography for my World of Hammer Glamour. This page was written by Mark Davies who was previously also responsible for the Isobel Black page. What I love about Mark's entries is that they generally provide an insight into the lives of actresses of whom there is otherwise very little known. With regards to Diane Clare I didn't even bother to enter a links or bibliography section as I simply couldn't come up with anything apart from the usual IMDb page... and even the info there had proved to be incomplete, so info like Mark's IMHO is vitally important to help spread the knowledge about the lives of the actresses that we refer to when we speak of Hammer Glamour.

So a big Thank You to Mark for this excellent piece!!!!

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

I'll definitely have to check that out. It sounds great.