Monday, August 18, 2008

Vault of Horror uncut on Film 4 in the UK

For those of you living in the UK or Ireland: Set your timers for August 25 when Film 4 will be screening a new Hi-Def, remastered and uncut print of Amicus' Vault of Horror at 11:35 p.m. I am not exactly sure how much this version will differ from the previous DVD releases, but will definitely check it out.

Speaking of Amicus: I have finally started reading the latest edition of Little Shoppe of Horrors, this time entirely dedicated to Amicus. I am half way through and it is absolutely excellent. This is effectively not a magazine as such, but the publication of a book length manuscript by Philip Nutman. His "Scream and Scream Again: The Uncensored History of Amicus Productions" was originally meant to be published in the 1980s, but then lingered for various reasons (partly legal issues) unpublished until now. This is a completely reworked and updated version of the original manuscript. Not only is this highly readable but also comes with some of the best art work (front cover, back cover, inside covers etc) that LSoH has ever seen.

You can order the issue directly from Dick Klemensen's website. Also of interest is the fact that Dick will soon make CD copies of all his old and unavailable back issues available. Given the fact that some of the very early ones are now auctioned off for $100+, methinks that yours truly will definitely avail of this much cheaper option to fill up the holes in my collection.


Garrett McGovern said...


Great to see you too love the Amicus movies. My cousin and I only last weekend did an Amicus locations hunt taking in places like Weybridge(The House That Dripped Blood), Windsor (From Beyond the Grave), Winfield, Surrey (Asylum) and Shepperton backlot and area (Tales From the Crypt, Dripped and Dr Terror's House of Horrors). We couldn't find the street Daniel Massey walks down in the segment "Midnight Mess" in The Vault of Horror. Would you know where it might be?

Holger Haase said...

No idea where it is I am afraid. In actual fact I didn't know where most of the locations were until you just mentioned them. If you could, is there any way you could possibly do a little write up of your trip and share some of the photos you may have taken? It would be cool to be able to compare the locations to the scenes in the film.

Anonymous said...

The street you're looking for is The Vineyard in Richmond, Surrey.