Sunday, November 2, 2008

Avalard’s Box of Obfuscation

Robert Simpson, he of the Unofficial Hammer Films site and all round Hammer Fan Nice Guy, has just posted the first episode in what will hopefully prove to be a regular monthly look at British Cult Movies.

Unsurprisingly his debut looks at none other than Hammer films, although from a very novel angle. Is This A Hammer Film? was born out of a university lecture he held in Dublin and focuses on the difficulties of properly establishing a definite filmography of Hammer movies given the company’s myriad ventures and deals.

I am certainly looking forward to future instalments of this podcast that can be accessed either through the author’s new blog or via Itunes. Is it just me or will I be right in thinking that Robert may soon get a deluge of fan mails from American females who will melt at the sound of his gentle Northern Irish twang? :-)

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