Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Fanex Files - Hammer Films

Just two days short of the new year and I already have something to look forward to. Looks like the Svehlas from Midnight Marquee are producing a series of five documentaries, called THE FANEX FILES, focusing on different aspects of classic horror cinema such as director Robert Wise, producer Samuel Z Arkoff or indeed our very own Hammer movies.

Please find below the trailer for the Hammer documentary as well as two pre-release clips to give you a flavour of what can be expected in the final cut.


Neil D Vokes said...

Interesting- it seems that they're using a lot of video from their past Hammer related Fanex cons-all of which some of we ETPers went to thru the years-i saw most of those interviews take place-i even made a couple meself-tho not "officially" for-just for me-lol

the downside seems that as usual they'll probably only be using the same old trailers we've all seen a hundred times for clips-no copyrights and all- we'll see...;o)

Robert JE Simpson said...

I hate the music they've used in these clips - probably just my national prejudices kicking in, but seems over the top American.

I'm sure it would fit in will with a lot of US documentaries. And actually, could be interesting to get the critics commentary from the US rather than the British for a change.

Always good to open some of those archive interviews to the wider public too. Should be interesting...

Jason Henderson said...

It'll be nice to have a Hammer documentary, though. (Neil, can you think of any others?)

Where did Fanex post these?

Neil D Vokes said...

well FLESH AND BLOOD and THE STUDIO THAT DRIPPED BLOOD are two i can think of off hand.

i don't think they ever posted them,Jason-my buddies and i saw these at the actual conventions they were done at-some were done with an audience present-it's possible a few were done privately for just this kind of release.

Holger Haase said...

And let's not forget Don Fearney's truly excellent LEGEND OF HAMMER - VAMPIRES!