Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Announcing new guest blogger for Hammer and Beyond

I am very pleased to announce that Matthew from Carfax Abbey has volunteered to provide regular monthly guest posts for Hammer and Beyond. He contacted me about this following my year end post and I was only too delighted to see him on board.

I have followed Matthew's blog for a while and he is an excellent writer covering a variety of horror movie related subjects and has written a lot on Hammer lately. He is also somewhat of a Blogaholic and besides Carfax Abbey also has blogs dedicated to classic cinema, Dennis Wheatley and The Marx Brothers. So definitely a man to my heart.

Needless to say I am quite excited to see what posts he will come up with for us here. His plan is to provide some themed pieces about once a month about Hammer's rival studios, independent Brit-horror producers, notable personnel and of course anything just on Hammer that crops up.

While we're at it: I would always welcome other guest bloggers either for regular columns or for the occasional guest post. The more the merrier. As you may have noticed I am not the most proficient writer yet there is still so much to be covered in the area of Hammer or general Brit or even Classic Horror. So if you feel that there is anything you would like to contribute, be my guest.

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