Friday, February 26, 2010

Phantopia Filmprograms

I came across a bunch of Phantopia Filmprogramme today that I had half forgotten I had. In contrast to the classic German Illustrierte Filmprogramme that were sold when the movies were released in the cinemas, these were produced years and often decades following the release of the film. They are 4-page A5 booklets with some photos, synopses and reviews of the various productions. There is also a similar series of Phantopia Portraits featuring a quick overview over some of the most important artists of the fantastic genre.

I bought all of mine in the early 1990s and thought that, with the advent of the Internet, they were no longer being made.

So imagine my surprise when I just discovered that these programs are still being produced and are still thriving, having now reached more than 800 issues that can be ordered here.

Anyway I did a quick scan of the issues I have that may be of interest to the Hammer aficionado. I hope you enjoy these otherwise little reported collectibles.

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