Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave

These days there are less and less new comics that generally excite me. In actual fact my subscriptions for my local comic shop have gradually trickled down to a big fat nothing. Don't get me wrong: I still read comics, but these days it is primarily reprints or second hand comics from comic history's Bronze Age.

Monsterverse's upcoming new release Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave, however, is one anthology comic I just need to have. This 48-page issue will be in the comic shops on November 03 and retail at $4.99.

This issue will feature stories and art by Kerry Gammill, James Farr, Chris Moreno, John Cassaday, Rob Brown, Derek McCaw, Rafael Navarro, Martin Powell, Terry Beatty and Brian Denham. The contribution I am most looking forward to is Bruce Timms. For Little Shoppe of Horrors he has drawn some of Hammer's sexiest babes and if I can judge by prerelease images has gone on to draw Vampira (or some Vampira lookalike) for this comic. Oh, and you can also expect an article by leading Lugosi researcher and author Gary D. Rhodes.

If I was living anywhere near Hollywood I know where I'd be on October 28 when there will be a release party for this project at the American Cinematheque in the world famous Hollywood Egyptian Theater.

This is a premiere issue and stories in future issues will likely be written by cult stars such as John Landis, Joe Dante and Rick Baker.

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Rob Talbot said...

Wow, I'm definitely buying this. :)