Sunday, May 8, 2011

Julie Ege Bibliography

The good news: Unbeknownst to many a Julie Ege fan she has actually published an autobiography. There has also been a study out about Norwegian actresses in Hollywood that extensively covers her as well and was also transferred into a feature length documentary that is available on video.

The bad news: Unless you have a penchant for Scandinavian languages you will not be able to understand them as they have only been published in Norwegian.

Julie Ege’s autobiography Naken (“Naked”) was published in 2002 and covers “her childhood, her time as a factory worker, her budding career as a model, and her breakthrough in the Miss Norway contest that lead to an exhaustive movie career. She also writes about the time when she as a mother of small children was pursuing a degree in nursing, life with the writer Anders Bye, herself being diagnosed with breast cancer and becoming a grandmother”. Unfortunately that book now appears to be completely out of print and extremely rare. I can't even locate a cover scan for this anywhere.

Norwegian theatre and film director Niels Petter Solberg (aka the World's Leading Authority on Julie Ege) wrote Norske Filmdivaer in Hollywood (“Norwegian film divas in Hollywood”, 2001). This is a coffee table book that is chock galore with often rare posters, stills and private photos of Norwegian actresses that looked for fame and fortune in Hollywood (and – apparently – Blighty). 26 of the book’s 140 pages are dedicated to Julie Ege. The remainder covers Greta Nissen, Sigrid Gurie, Greta Gynt, Anna-Lisa and Vera Zorina.

Niels subsequently directed a documentary on a similar subject: Norske kvinner i Hollywood (“Norwegian actresses in Hollywood” 2001).

He had also accompanied Ege to the Hammer at Bray II event in 1999 and conducted an interview with her that was published in both Psychotronic Video # 24 and Little Shoppe of Horrors # 15.

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