Monday, August 6, 2007

Hammer at Bray 3 - The actors

Had a blast at Bray 3. Unfortunately I don't have time to write much right now as I am incredibly busy at work, so will over the next few days gradually post more stuff and by the weekend have everything covered that needs to be covered about the event.

Below, some pics of some of the attending celebs to get me started.

Catherine Feller (Curse of the Werewolf)

Valerie Leon

Martine Beswicke

Vera Day (Quatermass 2)

Douglas Wilmer

Douglas Wilmer

Caron Gardner
(Yep, no idea either)

Jimmy Sangster, Ralph Bates' son and spitting image, Virgina Wetherell

Virgina Wetherell and moi
(I swear I didn't rub her breast on purpose)

Damien Thomas

Caroline Munro and John Cater
(A nice little Kronos re-union photo)

Martine Beswicke (next to her Caroline Munro's daughter)


Neil D Vokes said...
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Neil D Vokes said...

Caron Gardner-THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN-the busty lady in the bed that the Baron ties the sheets to and goes out the window ;o)
i'm sorry i couldn't be there,HH ;o)

Anonymous said...

Great day Holger, you, John and Ade were all a pleasure to meet, hope to be at the Drac NFT event, speak soon mate.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

It looks like you had a great time. Man, I'm right jealous. I bet it was awesome to get a chance to meet all these Hammer greats. It's cool seeing all these pictures of what they look like in their older years. Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to whatever else you post from Bray 3.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love the one of Caroline Munro and John Cater. Not only a Kronos reunion, but a Phibes reunion too, no?

Holger Haase said...


right now I don't really plan to attend the DRACULA event.... but keep on pushing and I might give in. LOL


a PHIBES reunion? You know: I never even thought of that!!!!