Friday, November 23, 2007

Well, what can I say? After four years being online with my current site I have finally registered a domain name. I had initially not bothered with registering a domain as they used to be pretty dear and this was just meant to be a hobby and I am a tight SOB, but over the years the prices have dropped and you can now get a .com from GoDaddy for as little as $9.99, so you can now locate my Topcities site more easily under

What irks me is that
a) as well as were already given away to sites with absolutely no content whatsoever and that
b) those sites now show up much higher on Google despite the fact that there is nothing at all of any interest on them.

In actual fact even this blog that I started just a short while ago as an accompanying sister site now ranks higher for Google searches for the terms “hammer glamour” than the long established main site! (All the other search engines like Yahoo or Ask, on the other hand, display the web site very prominently.) A few years ago when I had sweet eff all on my site you could easily find me on Google’s first page, now that I have much more relevant info I am nowhere to be found which can really be frustrating at times.

Over the last few weeks I have quietly and behind the scenes tweaked my site according to some search engine optimisation tips that I found online and as a result I have moved up the ranks a little bit and rather than being on the bottom of the eighth Google search page, I am now on the bottom of page 7. Woohoo! (Yet, still too far down to be noticeable for any casual surfer. No wonder I get most of my hits through links from other sites or through Google’s image search.)

So, I am hoping that this domain registration will ensure that I gradually climb up even higher amongst the all important Google ranks.

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

I'll definitely have to check the site out. It is sometimes strange how sites are ranked on Google and other search engines. Good luck with it. It looks great. I love the stars of the Hammer films.