Monday, April 14, 2008

Some links of interest

*Just two more days to go until Beyond the Rave. The sequels can be accessed through
and I understand that you no longer need to have a MySpace ID to watch it. I plan on blogging about each and every entry when it's released, so stay tuned.

In the meantime a new Facebook group has been set up called... I want to find a 100,000 people in a week to watch Beyond The Rave. Methinks that is something that Hammer would like to see as well. LOL

They actually have two clips of the film, and believe it or not, they actually have me pretty excited for the first time ever. No, it doesn't look like Hammer, but there seems to be quite a feeling of LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS about it. It just may work. Interestingly enough they also have Russian and Korean language trailers for the film!

*BBC radio recently dedicated one episode of their GREAT LIVES series to none other than Peter Cushing. In it none other than Mark Gatiss from the League of Gentlemen discusses the life of Cushing in a very loveable portrait. An MP3 file can be found at the Peter Cushing Yahoo Group, however you need to be member of this group to get access to it.

*A new website dedicated to the Quatermass movies has just been set up that can be accessed here. At the moment it only has material about QUATERMASS 2, but more is to follow shortly. It looks to be one of those web sites that you just need to access as a fan in regular intervals. Steve Reed, the owner of this site has also started a blog about the subject.

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nob ed said...

This new Quatermass site, will remain 'Quatermass II/2', although the domain name is 'The Quatermass Pit', although at the end of the year I intend to do sites for the other 2 stories seperately, starting with 'The Quatermass Xperiment', from the same domain name. Thanks for the plug and enjoy the site, at the moment it is being updated every day, so stay tuned. I have about 3 weeks work left to do - Phew!