Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WORST NIGHTMARES, Shane Briant's new novel out in May

I received an email from Shane Briant’s publisher’s last night that I wanted to share with you:

“I have a sinister new novel that I think will really interest your readers: WORST NIGHTMARES from the diabolical mind of Shane Briant, "The New Master of Terror."

Picking up the pen that was dipped in blood by Thomas Harris and Stephen King, Shane Briant (star of the Hammer Films classic Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell ) delivers a powerful page-turner and haunting thriller.

What's your worst nightmare? Would you tell a complete stranger? Through his website, innocent people entrust the mysterious Dream Healer with their deepest and most desperate fears in hopes of having them cured forever. However, feeding off of their vulnerability, the Dream Healer becomes death dealer as he savagely stalks and tortures his victims, rendering them defenseless, and kills them in the exact manner of their nightmares.

Dermot Nolan is struggling with paralyzing writer's block as he tries to follow up his last brilliant, award-winning book. With his half-million dollar advance gone, his agent demanding pages, and a megawatt film deal hanging in the balance, Nolan is desperate for inspiration when a crudely written manuscript (a minute-by-minute account of the Dream Healer's brutal horror spree) is stuffed in his mailbox. Frantic to recreate his prior success, Dermot decides to appropriate the Dream Healer's "diary" as his next masterpiece. But the Dream Healer soon ensnares him in his plot and Dermot finds himself fighting for his life – trapped in his own terrifying worst nightmare.

(You might also be interested to hear that Lance Henriksen, Greg Kinnear, Bridget Moynahan and Michael Vartan are in talks to star in the film version of WORST NIGHTMARES.)”

The exciting thing about this is that I will shortly receive a review copy and that they have also offered to arrange an interview with Briant for this blog! So if you have any questions you always wanted to ask him, please let me know and I see if I can incorporate them.

I’ve been chatting with Robert Simpson from the Unofficial Hammer Films Site last night. Having known about this book for quite some time and being in regular touch with Briant, he is already in possession of an early copy of this novel and gives it a comfortable thumbs up. Needless to say you can now call me excited.

In preparation for the interview and the release of this book in May, I am planning to focus a bit more on Briant in the coming weeks and also watch and review some of his movies for this blog.


Neil D Vokes said...

I'll have to pick this up- it's funny how since Facebook,I've actually had a few pleasant "wall to wall" talks with him-he was very complimentary about my art in LSOH-...;o)

Holger Haase said...

He's on Facebook? How cool is that?

Robert JE Simpson said...

He's everywhere, and very easy to find! And absolutely lovely. But I'm not letting that affect my reading of the book - which is actually very good.

Excuse my cross promotion Holger, but I've posted a review on my blog here:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

BigKat Flower said...

I'm a big Hammer fan and I got a reader's copy of this from from a friend who raved about it. I had no idea he was a writer too!! I'm loving it so far..really twisted stuff!!

BigKat Flower said...
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Shanester said...

Hi Holger!
I am soooo excited that people seem to like my book! Rather, that they find it really scary. I'm working on the sequel! It takes over where the other leaves off. I now have a blog spot as well as the new www.worstnightmares website.
Thanks for helping me publicize, I seem to have a lot of friends out there!

Holger Haase said...

I finished your book recently and really enjoyed it. Will do a write up later this month. Good luck on the sequel!

Mike Johnston said...

Video interview with Shane:

Holger Haase said...

Hey Mike, are you the guy who actually did the interview?