Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Icons of Suspense: Hammer Films

April 6, 2010: Mark that day in your calendar as this will be the release date of Sony's ICONS OF SUSPENSE: HAMMER FILMS DVD set with these previously rare and long sought after Hammer productions: Cash on Demand, Stop Me Before I Kill!, Maniac (1963), The Snorkel, Never Take Candy From A Stranger and These Are The Damned.

Read more release details from the DVD Times website.


James Gracey said...

*gasps* Thanks for this Holger. There are even a couple of titles in this set that I'm not familiar with (The Snorkel!??). Something to look forward to!

David said...

I'm looking forward to this release too. It'll be nice to see CASH ON DEMAND (Peter Cushing and Andre Morell are excellent)in a quality transfer, and the others sound great. THE SNORKEL has popped up on TCM occasionally and it's a good little mystery. The others I haven't seen though.