Monday, May 24, 2010

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

Just rewatched The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires again last night. God, I love this movie! It's so much unadulterated fun seeing Hammer and Shaw Brothers create their own unique take on the Vampire/Martial Arts genre. I really like the fight sequences, love the Eastern setting, am in awe of the colour schemes used, find Ms Ege's Scandinavian accent quite charming and even get a kick out of the heavily lipsticked John Forbes-Robertson's take on Dracula. And, hey, don't know about you but screaming, topless Chinese ladies always do it for me, too.

As such it is timely that BuySoundTrax Records will be releasing a limited edition of the Lo7GV soundtrack on June 7. This will also include the Peter Cushing narrated The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires story album that was released in 1974. I had listened to that before all those years ago and still have it on a cassette somewhere (kids, check out Wikipedia if you don't know what that is), but apart from the fact that this tape was claimed by the attic that swallows all I also don't have a workable tape deck anymore, so it is about time I re-acquaint myself with this recording.

And speaking of Cushing related CDs, the second part of his autobiography Past Forgetting will also soon be released on CD in July. Apart from his narration it also includes a bonus feature by David Miller (author of The Peter Cushing Companion) in which he introduces clips by the likes of Christopher Lee, John Hough, Jimmy Sangster, David Prowse and – sigh - Caroline Munro discussing their encounters with the Gentleman of Horror. Well worth getting! A full review of this CD will be available from me prior to its release on the Den of Geek website.

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GPROA said...

Really looking forward to the Cushing-narrated Golden Vampires. Glad you mentioned it, of I'd be clueless!