Monday, May 31, 2010

New Caroline Munro interview in Autograph News UK

Today I received a copy of Issue #34 (May/June 2010) of Autograph News UK in the mail featuring a new interview with Caroline Munro. Caroline is the patron of the British Autograph Club and had spent a sunny September afternoon last year discussing her life, career and new projects with Graham Groom, the society's main guy, in London's Regents Park. (Sounds like a tough life, Graham!)

During the interview she mentions that she lost a potential part in On Her Majesty's Secret Service when she refused to take her elegant fur coat off and that she may have featured in one of the Highlander follow ups if it wasn't for her pregnancy at the time. She seems to keep all her fan mail stashed away safely and raises a few sympathetic points about the recent trend of celebs charging for their autographs. Her new movie Eldorado is due to come out in September and may quite possibly be the first one in ages to get a cinematic release. It features her as a "hard hitting" diner owner who killed her husband and also stars David Carradine in his last role.

Drop by their website for more details on how to join the Club. My understanding is that Autograph News UK also generally features a regular column by Ms Munro. 


Snipes said...

I'm excited about Munro's Starcrash getting a release on Bl;u-ray in September. One of my favorite B-movies.

Holger Haase said...

Yeah, I know. That's just unbelievable. For the longest time there are only dodgy bootlegs around and one single VHS-quality semi-official French DVD release of the film.
And then we get a Blu Ray!
I just may have to get myself a Blu Ray Player just for that..... even though I don't believe that this is the format of the future.