Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hammer House of.... Beer?

When I heard about this today I had to check the date to make sure I didn't fall for an April Fool's Joke but it appears that New Hammer is now in the market for.... beer. Read this entry on their official site for more details. Yep, rather than focusing on making decent new movies the powers that be decide to branch out into the drinks market. If they had at least gone for wine, there'd be a marginal connection. Y'know: "I don't drink.... wine."


Unknown said...

The breaking news is that Hammer are introducing condom machines into pubs. in the early part of spring next year. Apparently the tips of the condoms will each have a different Hammer character in the mold of your choice.



Matthew Coniam said...

The Lugosi estate has already got the wine market sewn up (www.lugosiwines.com).
But I like the Britishness of beer (though I've never actually drunk the stuff).
I think they should open a chain of Hammer fish and chip shops.

Neil D Vokes said...

I heard about the Hammer brand of ale last year sometime-posted it on FB too,i think- i'd like some of them if only to just have the bottles around in my Hammer collection-I have Monty Python and the Holy Grail beer,Three Stooges beer,True Blood (not beer,but a similar tie in) among others...;o)