Saturday, February 28, 2009

2 new Hammer events

Courtesy of the Yahoo Hammer group comes news of two interesting Hammer related events in the near future:

It looks like Don Fearney is going ahead with yet another one of his outstanding Hammer meet ups in the Cine Lumiere in London. On July 25 he will stage a John Carson tribute with a Q&A and showings of some of Carson's movie. It is likely that this will include a cinematic appearance of Plague of the Zombies that starred Carson as the evil squire. Tickets will be £25. More details about this when I have them, but Don's events are always a lot of fun (just check here and here for some examples) and an opportunity to meet up with a number of Hammer stars and indeed Hammer fans.

Valerie Leon is also planning a one-woman show about her film career aptly titled Valerie Leon's Carry On. The show will be staged on March 19 in St Albans and on March 21 in East Grinstead. The latter event also includes a gourmet meal presumably with Ms Leon in attendance as well. More details can be found on her website. A visit to her website will also reveal a little clip of recent projects that she was involved in. Looks like she is definitely keeping busy.

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