Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hammer Films – An Exhaustive Filmography

Tom Johnson, Deborah DelVecchio: Hammer Films – An Exhaustive Filmography. Jefferson, North Carolina and London: McFarland 1996.
This is one of my two favourite books on Hammer and an absolute Must Have for every serious Hammer fan. It’s by McFarland which translates as “very pricey, but in depth” and covers every single movie Hammer ever made with extensive reviews. This includes a plethora of info on some of those rare earlier pictures that otherwise are often overlooked. My own copy is well thumped. True, it’s not a cheap purchase, but you only live once and can’t take anything with you. So save a few bucks and live on bread and butter for a few days if you need to, but do buy this book!

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