Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hammer Films – The Unsung Heroes book launch

My bags aren't quite packed yet but I am ready to go: Flight and accomodation are booked; tickets are requested. Cine Lumiere, here I come.

Don Fearney's London based Hammer events are always absolute highlights for every Hammer Fan, generally mixing book launches and cinematic presentations with a wonderfully informal approach to meeting your favourite Hammer stars and mingling with other likeminded fans.

This year's launch of Wayne Kinsey's new book – Hammer Films: The Unsung Heroes (The Team Behind the Legend) – promises to be yet another unmissable event.

It takes place on October 30 (right in time for Halloween) at the Cine Lumiere (17 Queensberry Place, Kensington, London).

The following is planned so far:

  • Exclusive book signing with Barbara Shelley (no charge for book signing)
  • On stage interview with Vera Day
  • On stage interview with Joyce Broughton (Peter Cushing’s secretary)
  • On stage Hammer panel discussion with 3 Hammer guests
  • The premier of Donald Fearney’s full length feature, Grave Tales (a portmanteau film in the tradition of the best of Amicus)

As usual with those events you can expect a large number of other Hammer celebs to drop in during the day. At a guess I dare say that some if not all of the following may have a chance of showing up as well as all of them have been regular guests in the past: Caroline Munro, Ingrid Pitt, Jimmy Sangster, John Hough, Edward de Souza.

I am particular looking forward to meeting Barbara Shelley as I never had a chance yet to meet her face to face.

I also can't wait to read Wayne's new book that promises to take “you behind the screams at the House of Hammer, department by department, to meet the team that made Hammer’s films a cult success”.

It will be available as a soft back at £25 and as a special limited edition hardback at £35 and will feature “488 pages loaded with blood rare photographs including 8 pages of colour”. Just the right kind of book to start or update one's autograph collection.

Tickets for the event are available for just £15 from Donald Fearney at 25 High Hill Ferry, Bakers Hill, London, E5 9 HG (tel: 0208 8066915).

Anyone reading this who is planning on coming please leave a comment as it would be great to meet up for a chat. You'll likely be able to find me shmoozing in the cafe over a beer or three as the most enjoyable aspect for me is always to meet up again with old buddies and make new Hammer friends.


Unknown said...

Meet up with old buddy's indeed, you never mentioned the copious amounts of beer that will be quaffed back - LOL!


Holger Haase said...

I did mention drinking a beer or three which could count as euphemism for copious amounts. ;-)
You gonna come over again?

Matthew Coniam said...

Damn it, I'll be in Italy on honeymoon!
The chances of convincing my wife to be that Barbara Shelley is a bigger attraction than Florence and Venice in autumn are decidedly slim...

Unknown said...

So you did - LMAO! I had driven 300 odd miles that day though, so wasn't focused one hundred percent. As for being there, yes I am mate. There is a very nice Irish bar just around the corner in the cellars of 'Jurys Hotel', mind you the last time I visited there was 4 years back.


Holger Haase said...

Steve, they would want to have an Irish bar in Jurys. ;-)
Sounds like a plan. The Blonde will be there as well that weekend. Not at the actual event but definitely in the pubs.
Matthew, that's a pity you can't make it. I had hoped to treat you for a drink. But Italy isn't to be sniffed at either. My absolute favourite country. If you spend some time in Rome don't forget to drop into the PROFONDO ROSSO shop that is being managed by Dario Argento and Luigi Cozzi.

Headcase said...

Its gonna rock - looking forward to it - just checking it out now

Holger Haase said...

And it sure did rock. Just back from the weekend trip. Not certain whether I'll be coming around to posting a summary here or simply be geeking out on FB with all the other attendees there. ;-)