Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Perfect Husband

I recently went to a car boot sale and purchased a box set of 25 episodes of the 1954/55 TV show "Sherlock Holmes", a US TV show produced by Sheldon Reynolds and shot in France. It featured Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes and Howard Marion-Crawford as Watson.

I am now gradually working my way through it. They may not be the most canonical films ever but they are a lot of fun and at a little over 25 minutes never overstay their welcome. A good number of the shows are also available through and YouTube.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that one of the episodes, The Case of the Perfect Husband, featured Michael Gough in a tremendous role as a deliciously malicious Bluebeard who announces his intention to kill his wife to her with 24-hour notice. Great stuff and love that suit!

(I am embedding the three parts of the YouTube video but you can also see it in one piece at the Archive. Trouble with the Archive version is that I can embed it but not modify it to suit Blogger's page size.)

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Steve Miller said...

That is certainly one of the cooler episodes in that series.