Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time to Make up my Mind

For the time being this blog will stay PG.

The replies I got with regards to my query were along the following lines:

  • Hell, yeah! (Love that enthusiasm.)
  • Don't worry what others think, this is your blog so do what you feel is right.
  • General comments, questions, concerns as to whether the adult shield may deter people from accessing the blog (especially from work) or whether this may impact findability through Google
Thanks to all who replied.

More importantly than the range of comments, however, was the number. 

Cause there weren't all that many.

I'm always surprised about what causes people to comment (here, on Facebook or Twitter). Write a little facetious remark and still get comments days later; write something important, and you may not see that much.

I am the last person to expect others to leave comments. Comments generally indicate the level of involvement with a certain issue and should never be expected by anyone. So if I see that the nudity issue doesn't result in a string of feedback then that is indication for me that it's pretty much a non-issue for my readers. I probably could go either way without offending or enticing anyone but without a particularly strong need I think I better say: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." and will simply continue the way I've operated since the beginning.

I reserve the right to change my decision at some point in the future but for now I am happy to leave things as they are and have always been.

1 comment:

Radio London said...

I don't often comment on blogs or articles (although I've managed to successfully avoid - for better or worse - Facebook and Twitter), but always enjoy reading the posts and appreciate the time spent on them.

PG or R, keep posting and we'll keep reading.