Monday, July 23, 2007

The Devil Within Her

I just received a set of lobby cards for the film The Devil Within Her. That film is also known as I Don’t Want To Be Born and The Monster (plus half a dozen alternative titles) and is – hands on stomach – one of the worst horror productions of all time. A clear Rosemary’s Baby rip-off, this is hilariously awful and that’s why I love it so much and think it is time for a revisit shortly.

Where else can you see Caroline Munro as a stripper in garters, Joan Collins dancing with an evil midget, John Steiner being groovier and more bad-teethed than Austin Powers, Donald Pleasance and Ralph Bates in supporting roles (Bates with a God awful fake accent) and more shwinging 70s muzac than even the biggest aficionado could stomach.

This film is an (unintentional) laugh-a-minute and one of those productions that you gotta need to see to believe.

Unfortunately none of the lobby cards feature lovely Caroline Munro, but there is enough of Ralph Bates and Joan Collins (Fear in the Night) in them that they warrant a scan for this blog.

The film is available in Region 2 as part of a boxset that also contains Cushing movie The Uncanny and Hammer production Hands of the Ripper.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I rememeber that I saw this film years ago. I can't remember when or where, but I do remember it. This is one of those bad Joan Collins movies she was doing before she hit paydirt with Dynasty. It is one of those though that is so bad it's good. I enjoyed it when I saw it.

Anonymous said...

I like this movie Holge - thanks for uploading the lobbies. See ya saturday!