Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hammer book updates

Over the last couple of weeks some new books about Hammer were released:

Sinclair McKay’s “A Thing of Unspeakable Horror: The History of Hammer Horrors” has received some mixed reviews. People seem to like the overall style, though are criticising at times inaccurate info provided in it.

John L Flynn’s “50 Years of Hammer Horror” on the other hand seems to be one of the contenders for worst Hammer Film book ever. According to a reviewer on the Hammer Yahoo Group the author claims that Dracula’s castle in the Hammer movies was actually a Scottish hotel, that the classic Gothic Horror of Frankenstein was set in contemporary 1970s London etc etc. Sloppy research at its worst from the looks of it.

I haven’t read any of those books, but once done so they will find their way to my Hammer Bibliography.


Robert JE Simpson said...

the collector in me says I should really by that 50 years book - but do i want to give money to a book that is of such ill-repute?

Second hand stores here I come!

Neil D Vokes said...

i already bought the Unspeakable book,tho haven't received it yet-i just ordered the 50 Years one and then saw your comments on it's lack of quality- ah well-it's fairly cheap and with luck will have a nice visual layout.

Unknown said...

It is far better to buy the best,most accurate books and biographies on our Hammer stars and Hammer history than to waste good money on amatuerish writings that do not hold the truth. Beve