Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Veronica Carlson Covergirl

I recently came across this paperback from my collection. I had completely forgotten I even had it.

The Jerry Cotton books are a German series of pulp fiction stories about an FBI agent. They go back to the 1950s and in its pulp fiction form are still published on a weekly basis. There are also monthly paperbacks with his adventures. All in all there are now literally thousands of novels about the character available.

These days the covers can be kind of bland, but up until the 1980s a lot of the covers consisted of scenes from motion pictures. These covers often had little to do with the actual contents of the stories inside, but did create an interesting mood and made you want to read the books.

This cover is from Jerry Cotton paperback # 292 and published in 1985 and of course pictures a young Veronica Carlson. I bet not even she is aware that her photo was used to advertise this franchise.


Anonymous said...

Bastei Verlag, the publisher of the Jerry Cotton novels, has always used film photos from action movies to dress their covers since the beginning of the series. They bought the rights to use these pictures from the film distributors or from film photo libraries in Germany! In the 60's they even cannibalised the complete Jerry Cotton movies, made from the novels, frame by frame to be put on the covers of their novels! These days they are using movie photos again!


Holger Haase said...

Great to see another Jerry Cotton Fan around here. I haven't read much of the novels lately, but read them quite a bit when I was a teenager in Germany. I remember those film covers with fondness and am mighty pissed that in a moment of madness got rid of most of my Jerry Cotton collection.
The JC movies are of course fantastic!!!