Friday, July 2, 2010

First LET ME IN trailer released

So I got a confession to make.

I am the one person in the whole wide world who didn't take to Let the Right One In. I started watching it a good while back when it first came out but switched it off after half an hour as I was bored to pieces. When I mentioned this to a bunch of my movie buddies everyone kept telling me to give this another shot as this was a slow burner but that it was definitely going to be rewarding and that I would totally dig it.

So I did. And was still bored to pieces. This may be slow but it sure wasn't anything like a burner for me.

Nothing ever seemed to happen in this Swedish production. The most horrific thing about it was the way that everyone insisted on wearing their jumpers inside their trousers. What's with that?

I personally didn't find any of the characters involving whatsoever. Yes, in US teen movies they end up doing things they shouldn't do but that was the same here: Noone acted in any way realistic. Seriously, why didn't anyone call the cops? Why didn't anyone chase after the kid when the woman was attacked or properly scream for help? Everyone just acted as if they were on valium.

I started reading up about the source novel and was stunned how much was left out. It appears as if anything that could have made this movie magnificent was dropped and only the least offensive aspects were transferred to screen.

As such I was genuinely excited to hear in interviews with the New Hammer folks that their latest movie Let Me In was not going to be a remake of the Swedish movie but a new adaptation of the book and that the rights for the English language film had been obtained before Let the Right One In had become a huge success everywhere. If Hammer was going to choose to focus on aspects of the novel that were left out of the Swedish original they could very well create a fantastic movie and a "remake" that could easily surpass the original.

So now the trailer is out. And what have we got?

Scenes upon scenes of shots that look as if they were taken directly from the Swedish movie!

OK, I know this is barely more than a minute of material to judge the film by but there is absolutely nothing in it that says that the makers will go new ways and look at the novel in a different way. All indications point towards a straight forward remake of a successful foreign language film.

Needless to say my expectations have crashed and burnt (and not in a slow way).

Let Me Out!


Unknown said...

That looks sooo much like a pile of dog's eggs! This Hammer only in name, and not spirit, lets remake a classic Swedish film and stick Christopher Lee in it - a Hammer Film eh, I think not! It actually looks just like another type of film America churns out all the time (A Haunting in Connecticut). If it wasn't for the source material being so well known, I don't think I would bother at all.

Holger Haase said...

And even worse: Christopher Lee is *not* in it. ;-)
I think you have his cameo/supporting role mixed up with THE RESIDENT, another new Hammer film currently in production.

Pidde Andersson said...

Thanks for this post - since I'm the OTHER guy who didn't get LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. And I'm Swedish! I also know a third guy who doesn't understand the hype.
A few more problems with Alfredson's movie you notice if you're Swedish: Nobody speaks like real people, the dialogue is very minimalistic and odd in an arty way. And the movie looks like it takes place in East Germany or Poland or something - in 1969. Okay, I've never been to Blackeberg, but MY early 80s sure didn't look like this.
Besides this, the movie is a horror movie for people who don't like horror movies, since there are no thrills at all. This just another drama about kids being bullied. For some reason featuring a vampire. Sure, I get the allegory, that it's about alienation and so on. But so what?

Holger Haase said...

Pidde, you have just become my most favourite person of the day! Glad I am not alone. And hey, say hello to your friend too. We should all meet one of these days over a couple of drinks and talk about how much we hate that film. Hopefully, we won't look as depressing as the folks in the film when they go drinking. ;-)
Very interesting what you write. I had no idea about the artificial Swedish being used but I had very strong suspicions about the abysmal fashion sense. So you're telling me you didn't wear your jumpers inside your trousers at the time? Pheeew....
As a teenager I visited Eastern Germany frequently and as depressing as it was it sure wasn't like that either. LOL
Have you read the book? I have a feeling it may be *much* better than the film. (Then it can't be much worse.)

Pidde Andersson said...

I don't remember if I wore my jumpers inside my trousers... Sorry! Maybe I did?! Probably not.

Well, I shouldn't say I HATE the movie. When I reviewed it, I gave it three sinful dwarfs out of five. But it was three weak dwarfs. I could've given it two, but I was kind that day. After all, the movie's a bit too well made for trashing it - or hating it.
I usually say that boring movies are always worse than bad movies, but that isn't really true in this case. (And the new TWILIGHT flick is both worse and more boring)
Btw, one of the strangest scenes in the movie is the one near the end with the swimming pool. Where are the teachers? The staff? Or other adults? But come to think of it, there are lots of Whys in this movie.

No, I haven't read the book - or any of Ajvide's other books. I never really felt like it. Everybody was recommending the LTROI book, but after seeing the movie, I want to read it even less.

Holger Haase said...

Oh dammit, all of a sudden I am starting to feel very lonely again. So you're really just feeling indifferent about it. Sniff.... ;-)

You're absolutely spot on about the swimming pool scene. And as for TWILIGHT.... Let's not even go there. When did horror movies ever become so bloodless and sterile?

Pidde Andersson said...

...As for TWILIGHT: I've obviously been there. Check out my review:
It's kinda ... unique. (I confess I laughed writing it)

Holger Haase said...

Hilarious! I only ever saw the first of the series just to see what the fuss was about and also hopped over to your review of that one and agree 100%.
Incidentally I also read that the 3rd was the best in the series. Which is like saying the plague is better than the Ebola virus.

Unknown said...

Gah! You are right! LOL! Still looks bad, bad, bad though!

Unknown said...
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Matthew Coniam said...

You can rely on me, bud! I wasn't indifferent to it: I hated it. And this looks worse.
And we're in big trouble if all Hammer is is a word you stick up at the start. I suppose I don't mind the idea of new Hammer films, but shouldn't there be at least a nod to the past, something along the lines of those Dark Castle films? (The majority of which were terrible, but still...)
I look forward to this passing me by completely.

Holger Haase said...

Glad to see I can count on you, Matthew. ;-)