Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Operation: 101010 - Movies starring Hammer actors or actresses (non-Hammer)

I finished another one of my Operation: 101010 categories dedicated to 10 non-Hammer Movies starring Hammer actors or actresses.

Surprise, surprise, a good number of those films featured Christopher Lee. If anything I am surprised that I didn't finish this category faster.

I have now finished six of my ten 101010 projects and with only one month to go am doubtful that I'll finish it completely.... though will do my darndest. I have watched movies in each of the remaining categories so from a pure number perspective I may just about manage to wrap it up, but my mind is flighty and I often feel like watching a whole range of other stuff.

So here's what I viewed in the last couple of months:

Trial by Combat (Peter Cushing) - THE discovery of the year for me. Loved the AVENGERS style atmosphere. Pity there is nothing on YouTube for it.

Curse of the Crimson Altar (Lee, Gough, Wetherell, R. Davies)

The Castle of the Living Dead (Christopher Lee)

Royal Flash (Oliver Reed) - This YouTube "clip" is actually the entire movie!

Crimson Rivers 2 (Christopher Lee) - Short Lee part displaying his linguistic skills

Ill Met By Moonlight (Christopher Lee)

Lisbon (Yvonne Furneaux)

The Man Who Was Nobody (Hazel Court)

The Death Ray of Dr. Mabuse (Yvonne Furneaux)

Five Golden Dragons (Christopher Lee)

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